Silver Gallery

         Alan Dundas ‘Dresden Bridge’  “I liked this picture with all its detail.”

         Chris Williams ‘Our Spanish neighbours’  “Thanks, you chose another inspiring picture.”

         Gillian Ashurst ‘Our Spanish neighbours’  “Thank you, this was a lovely one to do.”

         Cym D’Souza  ‘Our Spanish neighbours’   “Absolutely loved it, just my style.”

         Janice Walton   ‘Our Spanish neighbours’

         ” I found this really difficult to keep ‘loose’ and put in enough detail! ”    

         Ruth Vickery   ‘Dresden bridge’

         Ros Weston   ‘Country view, Emerald Isle’

         Elaine Greenfield  ‘Lincolnshire’

Cym D’Souza    ‘Country view, Emerald Isle’

         Gillian Ashurst  ‘Dresden bridge’

         Emily Ashurst   ‘Lakeside view’

         Catharine Kelly   ‘Dresden bridge’

         Janice Walton  ‘Dresden Bridge’

         Sheila Hunt  ‘Country view, emerald Isle’

         Sheila Hunt   ‘Dresden bridge.’

         Cym D’Souza  ‘Dresden bridge’

         Chris Williams   ‘Dresden Bridge’

         Brenda McLaughlin  ‘Painshill Park’

         Cilla Gennaro    ‘Country view, Emerald Isle.’

         Alan Dundas   ‘Painshill Park’   “Attended a memorable wedding here in the walled garden.”

         Alan Dundas  ‘Country view, Emerald Isle.’    “Enjoyed playing with colours on this one.”

         Julie Luck  ‘Country view, Emerald Isle.’

         Julie Luck   ‘Painshill Park’

          Julie Luck  ‘Dewdrop’

Marion Knowles     ‘Country view, Emerald Isle.’
Janice Walton ‘Country view, Emerald Isle’
Cym D’Souza ‘Painshill Park, Surrey’
Catharine Kelly ‘Painshill Park, Surrey’
Ruth Vickery ‘Country view, Emerald Isle’
Marion Knowles ‘Lakeside view’
Chris Williams ‘Painshill park, Surrey’
“Thanks to Brenda for a lovely photo. The more I looked the more detail I saw.”
Sheila Hunt ‘dewdrop’
“I was inspired to do this from your original.”
Chris Williams ‘Hollywood view’
Gillian Ashurst ‘Painshill Park’
“Very enjoyable to do.”
Janice Walton ‘Painshill Park’
“Very challenging to capture the shadows and light.”
Ros Weston ‘Hollywood view’
“I tried to get the Hollywood vibe by keeping the sky cloudless.”
Ros Weston ‘Dewdrop on a leaf’
“Well I think we are in outer space but so enjoyed the challenge.”
Alan Dundas ‘Hollywood view’ “A lot of opportunity to interpret the detail and play around with colour. Plus adding a few swimming pools!’
Julie luck ‘Hollywood view’
Janice Walton ‘Hollywood view’ “Another lovely view to paint.”
Val Carter ‘Hollywood view’ My last class for a short time. I Have my hip operation next Saturday but hopefully if won’t be too long before I join everyone at Bashall Eaves.”
Cym D’Souza ‘Hollywood view’ “I think you gave us a lovely calming view to paint after last weeks ‘dewdrop’ challenge!”
Cym D’Souza ‘Dewdrop on a leaf’ ” Wow! that was hard and extremely challenging.”
Gillian Ashurst “I struggled a bit with the hill of trees.”
Val Carter ‘Dewdrop on a leaf’ “Very difficult. Will be good to get back to classes and see everyone.”
Catharine Kelly ‘Dewdrop on a leaf’ ” I’ve taken myself out of my comfort zone with this one!
Alan Dundas ‘Northern lights’
Gillian Ashurst ‘Dewdrop on a leaf’ “I did it, and certainly enjoyed the challenge of this subject.”
Cilla Gennaro ‘Dewdrop’
Chris Williams ‘Dewdrop’ “As you said Hugh, this one was challenging! It also looked different the following day.”
Reta Lord ‘Trees by the river’
Janice Walton ‘Dewdrop on a leaf’ “It’s funny how a leaf suddenly ‘appears’ when it’s difficult to see it during painting.”
Alan Dundas ‘Lakeside view’ “Great, lots of opportunities to experiment with colour. Looking forward to first class in May – lets hope it goes ahead!”
Cilla Gennaro ‘Canada Cabin’
Ros Weston ‘Lakeside view’ “Very enjoyable using cheerful colours.”
Sheila Hunt ‘lakeside view’ “When I looked the next day, a village had sprung up!”
Marion Knowles ‘cabin in Canada’ “Tricky painting, but got there in the end!”
Ruth Vickery ‘Lakeside view’
Catharine Kelly ‘Lakeside view’ “Doing this picture has been an enjoyable way to experiment with different colours.”
Cym D’Souza ‘Lakeside view’ “I loved doing the mountain in the background”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Lakeside view’ “It built up slowly and I just kept going until I thought it looked ok!”
Ros Weston ‘Cabin in Canada’ ” Thanks for another escapist picture!”
Val Carter ‘lakeside view’ “As usual your picture provided me with an enjoyable Saturday afternoon of painting.”
Julie luck ‘Lakeside view’ “Hugh, I just loved painting this. thank you for continuing to give us such interesting and challenging things to paint.”
Janice Walton ‘Lakeside view’ “I loved experimenting with the different colours.”
Chris Williams ‘Lakeside view’ “Another to lift the spirits.”
June Evans ‘Cabin in Canada’ “My trouble is I never know when to leave well alone!”
Gillian Ashurst ‘Cabin in Canada’
Cym ‘”Another enjoyable painting.”
Cym ‘Cornish beach’
Janice Walton ‘Cabin in Canada’ “I really enjoyed this scene, there’s a lot to it.”
Catharine Kelly ‘Cabin in Canada’ “This has been a challenging painting, but fun to do at the same time.”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Cabin in Canada’ “Well that was hard! But I am fairly pleased with the result!”
Julie Luck ‘Cabin in Canada’ “I found it difficult to be loose with my colours”
Alan Dundas ‘Cabin in Canada’ “Really interesting picture, as usual struggling with painting rocks.”
Cym ‘Cabin in Canada’ “My colours are nice and Autumnal, and it definitely looks like a cabin in a forest.”
Val Carter ‘Cabin in Canada’ “This was tougher than it looked. But lovely to sit down and paint on a Saturday afternoon.”
Sheila Hunt ‘Cabin in Canada’ “Very difficult but I really enjoyed attempting it”
Ruth Vickery ‘Cabin in Canada’ ” Quite challenging but enjoyable”
Julie Luck ‘Cabin in Canada’ “I found it difficult to be loose with my colours.”
Chris Williams ‘Cabin in Canada’
Julie Luck ‘Moon over Corges Cottage’
Ruth Vickery ‘Moon over Corges Cottage’
Emily Ashurst ‘Cornish beach’
Marion Knowles ‘Moon’
Elaine Greenfield ‘Tulips’
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Moon’ ” I incorporated a moonlight photo I took at Ambleside.”
Janice Walton ‘Moon’ ” Like your say, there’s more to it than you think.”
Gillian Ashurst ‘Moon’ “A very peaceful one to do. I shall try a few attempts with a darker sky.”
Catharine Kelly ‘Moon’ “This is a good painting to practice fine brush work.”
Alan Dundas ‘Urn in watercolour & gouache’ “My choose your own theme after the style of John Singer Sargent. Hardest painting I have every attempted.”
Marion Knowles “Nice to get back to a seashore painting!”
Julie Luck ‘Cornish beach’ “Really enjoyed painting this, thank you Hugh.”
Chris Williams ‘Cornish beach’ “Roll on when we can see the sea again!”
Diane Lewin ‘Southern Ireland’
Ros Weston ‘Lincolnshire view’ “I really liked the wildness of this and tried to replicate the energy! Your painting assignments have really helped me get through this endless Covid lockdown.”
Cilla Gennaro ‘Cornish beach’
Ruth Vickery ‘Cornish beach’
Val Carter ‘Cornish beach’ “This week I found the handrails down to the beach very difficult.”
Alan Dundas ‘Cornish beach’ “Thanks for giving us such an interesting and challenging picture.”
Sue Stevens ‘Cornish beach’ “Hi Hugh, at last I got around to doing a painting!”
Catharine Kelly ‘Cornish beach’ “Can’t wait to be able to walk down onto a beach and dip my toes into the ocean.”
Cilla ‘Crocuses Queens Park, Heywood’
Gillian Ashurst ‘Cornish beach’ “I added some pink thrift which grows here, and a little dog in the water.”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Cornish beach’ “This week’s was not as easy as it looked at first sight. The handrails were a real challenge. I hope we can continue this gallery once we return to our actual classes”
June Evans ‘Crocuses, Queens Park Heywood’
Chris Williams ‘Tulip fields’
Julie Luck ‘Lincolnshire’
Ruth Vickery ‘Crocuses, Queens park, Heywood’
Gillian Ashurst ‘Crocuses Queens park’ “A calming spring like painting to do”
Janice Walton Crocuses Queens park “I enjoyed painting the trees.”
Marion Knowles ‘Lincolnshire view’ “It was a challenge, but I love the colours.”
Catharine Kelly ‘Queens Park’ “There are so many possibilities for this one to have a different feel each time it’s painted.”
Chris Greenfield ‘Morecombe bay boat’ A choose your own theme
Alan Dundas ‘Queens Park, Heywood’ “Great to attempt a real Spring picture.”
June Evans ‘Lincolnshire view’ “Thought I would experiment with a different sky. I am looking forward to when the classes start again.”
Emily Ashurst ‘Lincolnshire’ “It felt great just to sit down and paint. It’s been so long since I had the chance and motivation.”
Sheila Hunt ‘Lincolnshire view’ “Found it difficult but enjoyable. Looking forward to the next challenge.”
Val Carter ‘Lincolnshire’ ” Your picture gave me another enjoyable Saturday afternoon.”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Lincolnshire’ “This one was interesting, using colours experimentally!”
Ruth Vickery ‘Lincolnshire’
Catharine Kelly ‘Lincolnshire’ “A lovely way of seeing how colours can blend into each other.”
Chris Williams ‘Lincolnshire view’ “Another enjoyable one to do.”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Trees by the river’ “Not sure how the deer got there!”
Catharine Kelly ‘trees by the river’ “I’ve learnt things along the way, this is version number 3.”
Chris Williams ‘Bodnant’
Cym D’Souza ‘Tulips – Abstract version’
Val Carter ‘Tulips’
Gillian Ashurst ‘ Tulips’ “A lovely colourful one to do”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘ Tulips’
Julie Luck ‘Bodnant’
Ruth Vickery ‘Bodnant’ “I really enjoyed painting this lovely picture”
Catharine Kelly ‘Bodnant’ “Time, a ruler and eraser have been a must for this picture! I’ve really enjoyed focusing my energy into this painting.”
Sheila Hunt ‘Roseberry topping’
Janice Walton ‘Pier at dusk’ “I made up a pier from various images, enjoyed experimenting.”
Marion Knowles ‘Morpeth’ “Nice to get back to painting after quite a break.”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Roseberry topping’
Irene Duckworth ‘Roseberry topping’ “Just had a lovely afternoon painting.”
Ros Weston ‘Rosemary topping’ “Thank you for a bit of escapism!’
Julie Luck ‘Roseberry topping’ “I enjoyed this challenge”
Catharine Kelly ‘Roseberry topping’ “My second version”
Val Carter ‘Roseberry topping’ “Quite a challenging picture with all the different greens and vibrant heather.”
Catharine Kelly ‘Waterfall’ “A lovely picture to paint. I have been able to try different techniques, Sponge, Stippling, masking fluid.”
Catharine Kelly ‘Morpeth’ ” My 1st painting since having Covid, it was just the boost I needed”
Debbie Creasey ‘Barbados’
Catharine Kelly ‘Southern Ireland’
‘Southern Ireland’ by Gillian Ashurst
‘Southern Ireland’ by Ros Weston
‘Northern lights’ By Ros Weston Bramhall class
” Oh I really liked and appreciated your comments Hugh! It’s wonderful to have a dialogue, even though I can’t come to the Art classes at Bramhall. Your critiques are the best encouragement for me and also have a definite ‘feel good’ effect! Like, therapy.”
Ruth Vickery ‘Somerset Cottage’
Chris Greenfield ‘Holly Cottage’
” On a personal level I have found the classes very enjoyable. The sessions have further stimulated my interest in watercolour painting. It has helped me therapeutically through a difficult period and I would highly recommend Hugh’s Art classes for anybody in a similar situation. Art at whatever level has the ability to take you out of yourself.”
‘Beyond the Alpine flowers’ By Gillian Ashurst Bramhall class
‘Moray Firth’ By Debbie Creasey
‘Rocky Coast’ By Janice Walton. Bramhall Class
‘Himalayan Mountain’ By Ruth Vickery. Bramhall Class
‘Canal Street, Manchester’ By Ros Weston, Bramhall Class
SILVER LEVEL ‘Garden with still-life’ by Janice Walton Bramhall Class