Your weekly attempts Gallery

Janice Walton ‘Irises’ Bramhall class

‘Norfolk Sunset’ by Julie Luck Bramhall
‘Well & pump’ Julie Luck Bramhall class
‘Well & pump’ by Jacqui Kitchenham BCA Essex
“We’ve had a lot of fun doing this together, I haven’t painted in years, thank you.”
‘Well & pump’ by Elise Kitchenham, Essex
“Really enjoyed this painting, looking forward to downloading more!” Diane Lewin Bashall Eaves, Clitheroe class
Twin Peaks by Marion Knowles
‘Well & pump’ by Marion Knowles
‘Well & pump’ by Sheila Shore. Bashall Eaves class
“Starting to miss our actual physical classes now”
“Well that was hard, well out of my comfort zone. Still I do like a challenge” Alan Dundas. Bramhall
“Hi Hugh, enjoyed being free and having fun with Twin Peaks this week, your step by step guide to wet onto wet was great!”
Ros Weston . Bramhall class.
“I really enjoyed using bright colours and as usual you were guiding me through! Thanks for giving us a varied lot of challenges.” Ros Weston Bramhall class
‘Portrait of a dog’ by Reta Lord Bashall Eaves class
‘ Irises’ by Ruth Vickery, Bramhall class
“It did have a few challenges, as you said.” Janice Walton Bramhall
‘Slave Ship’ after Turner by Joe Waterhouse. When the setting Sun hit Joe’s painting through my window it was Illuminated! It ‘spoke to me’ to share in our gallery. A tribute to Joe’s memory, and his message of hope in this tumultuous time.
‘Well & pump’ by Catharine Kelly. Bashall Eaves. “This has been lovely to recreate. Reminds me of Summer (with a chilled glass of wine.) It is now framed and on my wall.
‘A quiet corner of Hugh’s garden.’ By Reta Lord Bashall Eaves
“My attempts at this enjoyable picture; unusually for me managed to complete it in half the normal time. Painting the river was the really challenging aspect.” by Alan Dundas. Bramhall Class
Twin Peaks by Sheila Hunt. Bramhall
‘Twin peaks’ by Sheila Hunt – but this time in Acrylic
Flowers by Ruth Vickery
Flowers by Ruth Vickery
‘Irises’ by Elaine Greenfield. Bramhall
Boats on Lake Windermere. By Elaine Greenfield. Bramhall class.
‘Norfolk Sunset’ By Chris Greenfield. Bramhall class
‘View of the village of Bramhall’ by Chris Greenfield, Bramhall class
Ocean View. By Irene Duckworth
‘A lady with Owls in the night’ by Gillian Ashworth. Bramhall
‘Window with flowers’ by Gillian Ashurst, Bramhall class “Thanks for the lesson Hugh, it was quite challenging but fun.”
Mountains after Bob Ross by Martin Carrington
Irises by Chris Williams. Bramhall. “My favourite subject, flowers, thanks for the enjoyable afternoon.”
Twin Peaks by Janice Walton
Dunoon Castle by Linda Page