The Bronze Gallery

Cym ‘Snowdon view’ Bashall Eaves Class
Bronze for Beginner level
‘Snowdon from Lancashire’ By Janice Walton. Bramhall Class
‘Aswan Sunset’ By Julie Luck. Bramhall Class
“This proved an interesting and enjoyable picture. I choose to title it
Loch Lomond” Alan Dundas Bramhall class
‘Aswan, Egypt’ By Alan Dundas. Bramhall Class
“Loved this brilliant bright picture which encouraged me to have a go.”
‘Aswan, Egypt’ by Cym, Bashall Eaves Class
‘Moray Firth’ by Reta Lord, Bashall Eaves class
‘Two-tone Island’ by Reta Lord, Bashall Eaves class
‘Irises’ by Reta Lord, Bashall Eaves Class
‘Dove Cottage’ by Catharine Kelly. Bashall Eaves class.
“I’ve really enjoyed doing this painting. Looking forward to the time when classes begin again.”
‘Two-tone Island’ By Cym. Bashall Eaves Class
“I thoroughly enjoyed my first on-line lesson. It was much harder than it looked! But your instructions were spot on.”
A note from Hugh. Cym & Catharine had their lunch and did their class separately at home, at the same time Saturday, as they would have done in the actual class! Can you see the artwork in the background!
‘Dove Cottage’ By Gill Ashurst. Bramhall
‘Moray Firth’ By Julie Luck, Bramhall
‘Moray Firth’ By Alan Dundas. Bramhall
‘Lighthouse’ By Elaine Greenfield. Bramhall
‘Japanese Shrine’ by Julie Luck. Bramhall
‘Japanese Shrine’ By Ruth Vickery Bramhall
“Drawing was quite difficult, but loved the picture.”
‘Japanese Shrine’ By Alan Dundas
“Enjoyed the variety of challenges, the contrast between formality of the shrine, against the looser backdrop. I Want to thank you so much for all the weekly efforts you put into the detailed instructions for all these pictures Hugh. In a way it must be similar to actors performing without audience feedback.”
‘Dove Cottage’ By Ros Weston
“Nice picture to paint because we had a lovely holiday near Dove Cottage last year. I very much needed your guidance with the drawing.”
‘Japanese Shrine’ By Janice Walton Bramhall class.
“I got a bit carried away experimenting! Lovely seeing everyone’s paintings, I really like Reta Lord’s little dog, it’s full of life!”
‘Lighthouse’ By Gillian Ashurst Bramhall Class
“I have sent my grandson your ‘Alexander Fivesteps’ story with the accompanying watercolour ‘Earth from Space’ lesson. I shall let you know how he gets on. Gill x
‘Japanese Shrine’ by Chris Williams
“I really enjoyed this one.”
‘Boat yard’ By Julie Luck
“Enjoyed Dove Cottage picture, lots of variety to composition, makes for great interesting painting.” Alan Dundas Bramhall class
‘Dove Cottage’ By Chris Williams
Rescue dog by Reta Lord Bashall Eaves class
“Stone deaf but lovely”
‘Cornish Lighthouse’ by Ruth Vickery Bramhall class
“The sky was a challenge but I really enjoyed the painting”
Many thanks, Ruth
‘Cornish Lighthouse’ By Sheila Hunt Bramhall Class
‘Quiet corner’ by Gill Ashurst Bramhall class. “I decided to concentrate on the Acer tree and the lamp post. I enjoyed doing it very much , tho’ challenging. I am not so good with shrubbery, but I think it works well. I did enjoy seeing Reta’s and Janice’s work, they are very good.”
‘Brick Archway’ by Sue formerly from our Bashall Eaves class
“A few years ago I used to visit Bashall Eaves with my friend Heather for your amazing watercolour classes. Wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the experience of being in your classes. During the lockdown I have been able to send watercolour cards made by me to friends & neighbours. It has felt life saving to be in the emotional relaxing experience of painting. Thanks again for the very special experience.” Sue
Janice Walton ‘Irises’ Bramhall class
‘Irises’ Julie Luck Bramhall class
“Finished at last. These really were a challenge.”
‘Earth from Space’ By Chris Williams Bramhall class
‘Well & pump’ by Jacqui Kitchenham Belmont Castle Academy Essex
“We’ve had a lot of fun doing this together, I haven’t painted in years, thank you. You have totally rekindled my love of painting.”
‘Well & pump’ by Elise Kitchenham, Essex
“Really enjoyed this painting, looking forward to downloading more!” Diane Lewin Bashall Eaves, Clitheroe class
‘Dove Cottage’ by Marion Knowles formerly of Bashall Eaves class now living in Kent.
‘Well & pump’ by Sheila Shore. Bashall Eaves class
“Starting to miss our actual physical classes now”
“What an enjoyable picture’ Chris Williams Bramhall class
‘Quiet Corner’ Ros Weston Bramhall class
“Just followed your advice about free hand drawing. Really enjoyed mixing the colours.”
‘Dove Cottage’ by Janice Walton
“Really enjoyed doing this, but not easy, thanks as always for the challenge.”
‘Quiet corner’ by Janice Walton Bramhall class. ” Real challenge – so much foliage, do enjoy having a go though!”
‘Well & pump’ by Catharine Kelly. Bashall Eaves. “This has been lovely to recreate. Reminds me of Summer (with a chilled glass of wine.) It is now framed and on my wall.
‘A quiet corner of Hugh’s garden.’ By Reta Lord Bashall Eaves
Twin Peaks by Sheila Hunt. Bramhall
‘Irises’ by Sheila Hunt, Bramhall class
‘Irises in a vase’ (second attempt) by sheila Hunt
‘Irises’ by Elaine Greenfield. Bramhall
‘Dove Cottage’ By Elaine Greenfield. Bramhall class.
“My second attempt and a nice picture to do. We had reason to drive down Lumb Lane and it made me realise how much I am missing class and your lunches.”
‘Dove Cottage’ By Chris Greenfield Bramhall Class
“I like more than I dislike so that’s a result. Used your painting plus a couple off the internet.”
‘Chateau Rigaud’ France, where our daughter was married. By Chris Greenfield. Bramhall class
‘View of the village of Bramhall’ by Chris Greenfield, Bramhall class
‘Quiet corner’ by Chris Williams Bramhall class ” This was so relaxing to do, felt like I was in your beautiful garden, thanks for inviting me.”
‘Dove Cottage’ by Ruth Vickery Bramhall class
“Loved this picture. I have passed the house many times when walking in the Lakes.”
‘A lady with Owls in the night’ by Gillian Ashworth. Bramhall
‘Window with flowers’ by Gillian Ashurst, Bramhall class “Thanks for the lesson Hugh, it was quite challenging but fun.”
Irises by Chris Williams. Bramhall. “My favourite subject, flowers, thanks for the enjoyable afternoon.”
Dunoon Castle by Linda Page