Silver Gallery

Ruth Vickery ‘Waterfall’
Ros Weston ‘Waterfall’ “Again great therapy for for a difficult time.”
Julie Luck ‘Waterfall’ “I loved doing this, I timed myself so had no time to fiddle.”
Chris Williams ‘Morpeth’ “It is lovely to see the pictures that people have done”
Julie Luck ‘Morpeth’ “This was a great painting to copy and I really enjoyed painting it.”
Gillian Ashurst ‘Waterfall’ “It was quite challenging but fun. I did try some candle wax on the falls.”
Val Carter ‘Sunset over Skye’
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Mediterranean Garden’ “I enjoyed trying to get the shadows right and to get a 3D effect on the structures”
Reta Lord ‘Fishing Boat’
Cym ‘Waterfall’ “Thoroughly enjoyed all the different techniques”
Catharine Kelly ‘Waterfall’ “A lovely picture to paint. I have been able to try different techniques, Sponge, Stippling, masking fluid.”
Janice Walton ‘Waterfall’ “I tweaked it a bit just to try and do it from the side.”
Elaine Greenfield ‘Mediterannean Garden’
Chris Greenfield ‘Morpeth’
Chris Greenfield ‘Boats’
Alan Dundas ‘Waterfall’ “Enjoyed attempting this very challenging picture.”
Ros Weston ‘Sunset over the Isle of Skye’ “Really enjoyed these bold colours and found this picture relaxing. Your words helped!”
Brenda McLaughlin ‘Sunset over Skye’
Julie Luck ‘Southern Ireland’ “I found the buildings quite difficult, but overall I enjoyed painting this.”
Val Carter ‘ Himalayan Mountains’ ” I enjoyed this painting, it has been very therapeutic”
Gillian Ashurst ‘ Morpeth ‘
Janice Walton ‘Sunset over Skye’
June Evans ‘ Morpeth’ “Really enjoyed getting my paints out again.”
Julie Luck ‘Sunset over Skye’ “Found myself just whacking the paint on without worrying if I had got it right! Really refreshing to do.”
Catharine Kelly ‘Sunset over Skye’ “Thank you for this picture and also your positivity.”
Cym ‘Sunset over Skye’ ” Thoroughly enjoyed painting this picture, great way of getting back into the swing of watercolour.”
Alan Dundas ‘ Sunset over the Isle of Skye’
Gillian Ashurst ‘Sunset over Skye’ “Yes it was very therapeutic, thankyou. I think everyone will benefit from this calming lesson.”
Ros Weston ‘Morpeth’
Catharine Kelly ‘Morpeth’ ” My 1st painting since having Covid, it was just the boost I needed”
Catharine Kelly ‘Barbados’ “It’s taken me a while to finish, but you always say that there is no time limit”
Janice Walton ‘Morpeth’ “I walked over this bridge when on holiday”
Alan Dundas ‘Morpeth’
Debbie Creasey ‘Barbados’
Alan Dundas ‘Snow scene with cabin’
Gillian Ashurst ‘Snow scene with cabin’
Catharine Kelly ‘Southern Ireland’
‘Southern Ireland’ by Gillian Ashurst
‘Southern Ireland’ by Ros Weston
‘Buildings in a landscape’ By Gillian Ashurst
‘Buildings in a landscape’ By Ros Weston
‘Buildings in a landscape’ By Alan Dundas
‘View over the Ocean’ By June Evans
‘Salthouse, Norfolk’ By Helen Giles Bramhall Class
‘Somerset Cottage’ By Elaine Greenfield Bramhall class
Chris Greenfield ‘Prestbury’
‘Northern lights’ By Ros Weston Bramhall class
” Oh I really liked and appreciated your comments Hugh! It’s wonderful to have a dialogue, even though I can’t come to the Art classes at Bramhall. Your critiques are the best encouragement for me and also have a definite ‘feel good’ effect! Like, therapy.”
‘Somerset cottage’ By Alan Dundas Bramhall class
” Hugh, it’s great of you to keep us all going, through this further period of isolation, much appreciated.”
‘Fishing Boat’ By Chris Williams Bramhall class
‘View over the Ocean’ By Alan Dundas
‘Salthouse’ By Joan O’Rourke
Ruth Vickery ‘Somerset Cottage’
Chris Greenfield ‘Holly Cottage’
” On a personal level I have found the classes very enjoyable. The sessions have further stimulated my interest in watercolour painting. It has helped me therapeutically through a difficult period and I would highly recommend Hugh’s Art classes for anybody in a similar situation. Art at whatever level has the ability to take you out of yourself.”
‘Somerset Cottage’ By Gillian Ashurst Bramhall Class
‘Somerset Cottage’ By Janice Walton Bramhall Class
‘Lago Di Garda’ By Alan Dundas Bramhall class
‘Northern Lights’ By Gillian Ashurst
“I do enjoy these online classes, I think they are a wonderful idea.”
June Evans Bramhall ‘Somerset Cottage’
“Painting takes my mind off all the worrying things that are happening at the moment, thankyou.”
‘Northern lights’ by Janice Wilson Bramhall class
“Lovely to see everyone’s paintings on the different subjects and also get ideas from them.”
‘Salthouse’ By Chris Williams Bramhall class.
‘Salthouse’ By Reta Lord Bashall Eaves Class
‘Salthouse, Norfolk’ By Janice Walton Bramhall Class
‘Spanish Courtyard’ By Alan Dundas Bramhall Class
‘Shelby in the Sensory Garden Grange’ By Ros Weston
‘Salthouse with two little dogs’ By Gillian Ashurst
Salthouse, Norfolk. By Julie Luck
‘Sensory Garden’ By Catharine Kelly
‘Sensory Garden’ By Gillian Ashurst
Catharine Kelly Bashall Eaves Class ‘Spanish Courtyard’
‘Spanish Courtyard’ By Julie Luck
‘Spanish Courtyard’ By Gillian Ashurst
‘The Jazz Player’ By Alan Dundas. In the style of French Artist Andre Baldet. Captures the mood of the music.
‘Beyond the Alpine flowers’ by Julie Luck
‘Beyond the Alpine flowers’ By Gillian Ashurst Bramhall class
‘Highland view’ by Gillian Ashurst Bramhall class
Scottish Highlands By Catharine Kelly Bashall Eaves Class
‘Highland view’ By Ros Weston
‘Moray Firth’ By Debbie Creasey
‘Fishing boat’ By Ros Weston Bramhall class
‘Fishing boat’ by Catharine Kelly Bashall Eaves Class
‘White house by the Sea’ By Janice Walton
‘Blue Mountains of China’ By Gillian Ashurst
‘Pathway to Woodhead’ by Ros Weston Bramhall class
‘Pathway to Woodhead’ By Chris Williams Bramhall Class
‘Pathway to Woodhead’ By Ruth Vickery Bramhall Class
‘Pathway to Woodhead’ By Alan Dundas Bramhall Class
Catharine Kelly ‘Blue Mountains China’ Bashall Eaves Class
‘Rocky Coast’ By Cym. Bashall Eaves Class
‘Blue Mountians’ By Chris Williams Bramhall class
‘Blue Mountains of China’ By Alan Dundas. Bramhall Class
‘Rocky Coast’ By Julie Luck. Bramhall Class
‘Rocky Coast’ By Janice Walton. Bramhall Class
‘Really rocky coast’ By Ruth Vickery. Bramhall Class
‘Himalayan Mountain’ By Ruth Vickery. Bramhall Class
‘Himalayan Mountain’ By Janice Walton. Bramhall Class
‘Canal Street, Manchester’ By Ros Weston, Bramhall Class
‘View on Canal St, Manchester’ By Catharine Kelly. Bashall Eaves Class.
‘Garden with Still-life’ By Julie Luck. Bramhall
‘Garden with Still-life’ By Alan Dundas
‘Garden & Still-life’ By Ros Weston, Bramhall
SILVER LEVEL ‘Garden with still-life’ By Chris Williams Bramhall Class
SILVER LEVEL ‘Garden with still-life’ by Janice Walton Bramhall Class
SILVER LEVEL ‘Garden with still life.’ By Gillian Ashurst Bramhall Class.