Art materials list

I provide all the following art materials if I visit your school.                   But you may also like to buy some for yourself.


Watercolour paper                       I recommend ‘Bockingford’  cut to size 20cm x 15cm   from   :                                                                                                            approx 1000 sheets (20x15cm) enough for 30 classes costs £180 (20 pence per child)

Round, 10 well art palette          to share between two children       

Brushes                                             Synthetic sable size 6, Catalogue no; A376369 class pack £22.99 :

Watercolour paint.                     Tubes of Winsor & Newton & dilute 1-10 parts water :

Kitchen roll                                     Any soft paper towel, fold and place brush, pencil & ruler on

Pipette                                              Teachers use only,  plastic laboratory style to measure out watercolours to each child 

Water pots                                       any style small plastic ones will do

Eraser                                                soft white

Pencil                                                 HB

Ruler                                                 15cm if available


Please do not hesitate to email any questions to me which I will be pleased to answer