Your weekly attempts at our Thurs & Saturday online classes.

‘Ocean waves’ by Alan Dundas
‘Misty Castle’ by Chris Williams
‘Ocean waves’ by Janice Walton. “I’ve mostly been doing some gardening, but it was relaxing to come inside this afternoon and do some painting.” 26/3/20
26/3/2020 Dunoon Castle by Helen Giles. Class 1. Self Isolation courtesy of Hugh Templeton
By Elaine Greenfield. After Churchill’s Mimizan, Landes 1927
Worsley Old Hall by Chris Greenfield
Misty Castle by Alan Dundas
Misty Castle by Janice Walton
Dunoon Castle by Reta Lord
Dunoon Castle by Ruth Vickery
Misty Castle by Irene Duckworth
‘Misty Castle’ By Sheila Hunt
‘Misty Castle’ by Linda Page