Children’s Art Gallery

Images of ‘Twin Peaks’ by children at Dial Park, Stockport
By Harvey
Mrs Creasey (with Harvey)
Harvey ‘Twin Peaks’ Longshaw Junior
Mrs Creasey with Harvey
Train over the Viaduct by BCA Children
Train over the Viaduct. BCA
BCA Train over the Viaduct
‘Windmill’ By teacher Mrs Creasey with Harvey
Another excellent piece of work by Harvey. Longshaw Junior.
‘Moon over the water’ By Emily Buncher at BCA Yr 3SM

‘Earth from Space’ By Emily Buncher at BCA Yr 3SM
‘Earth from Space’ by Sofia Age 5
‘Sunset’ By Harvey Longshaw Junior School, Blackburn.
‘Earth from Space’ By Yr 3 Belmont Castle Academy Pupils, Essex. Taught by Mrs Crofts. Well done everyone from Mr Templeton.
‘Trees’ by BCA Yr 3 pupils and Mrs Crofts
“Hi Hugh, we had an English and Art class to day. Arthur (aged 6) loved your short story and the art lesson on the Earth from Space as you can see from his painting.
‘Boats on Lake Windermere’
This painting was created by Harvey from Longshaw Junior School, Blackburn. He followed the lesson on this website step-by step. Well done Harvey!

These paintings look wonderful. If you would like to showcase your work of art in this gallery – follow one of the watercolour classes and send it in.