Thursday: Adult class, Bramhall, Cheshire

 THURSDAYS; Bramhall Village Club, Lumb Lane, Bramhall  SK7 1LR

12.30pm to 3.30pm.  light lunch included.  £16.50  tel or text ; 07951 598205

 LEARN TO PAINT A WATERCOLOUR attend once or many times as the class continually rotates.                                                                                          

MARCH            2019

21st                    Bicycle door

28th                   Choose your own theme


4th                     Sunset

11th                   Triptych Seascape

18th                   Durham Cathedral

25th                   Choose your own


2nd                     West Coast USA

9th                       Sun-dappled woodland

16th                     St Augustine Florida

23rd                    New Zealand view

30th                    Choose your own