Art therapy and wellbeing with Hugh

Hugh with the Chair of Manchester University Hospital Trust Cathy Cowell OBE

‘Remarkable.’ Says the Times journalist Francis Farrer. ‘Hugh can get anyone to produce a painting to be proud of in hours. Children’s creativity improves when he shows them how to switch off the critical left side of their brain. The trick is what he calls ‘a bit of persuasion, a bit of magic, and a bit of hypnotism.’ Which helps people to stop being overly critical of themselves both in life and in painting and to then feel better about themselves’. Time and time again both adults and children have remarked at how relaxing & beneficial the art of watercolour painting is! It helps by simulating mindfulness and well being simply by calming anxieties; mild depression, and low self-esteem. In my classes I have seen improvements within hours for those coping with ADHD, autism, physical & mental health problems and stress. ‘I love coming to your group, you always leave me feeling uplifted, refreshed and happy, and that’s a priceless skill Hugh.’ Linda Page.

Hospital staff ALSO benefit from the power of Hugh’s art therapy

Hugh has a degree in Art Education with distinction in the practice of teaching from the University of Manchester. Awarded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. He has taught ‘art as a therapy’ throughout the UK, in the USA, Istanbul, & aboard the QE2. In 2017 he was shortlisted for teacher of the year by Essex Education Authority. He is a registered art provider with the teacher development trust, and highly praised by medical staff at Manchester University Hospital foundation trust for the effectiveness of his art therapy on both patients and staff.