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Hugh at his Charity Exhibition & sale of paintings. Manchester’s Historic buildings.

In the 1890’s my great great grandparents Robert & Elizabeth Templeton founded a travelling music hall theatre called ‘Templeton’s Varieties.’

After studying Art Education at Manchester, and inspired by them, I decided to re-create something similar and founded ‘Hugh Templeton Training.’ Designed to bring the knowledge & skills of traditional watercolour painting to adults & children, in an educational but entertaining way, through my travelling workshops.

Teaching Art has taken me around the UK, to the USA, Istanbul, and even aboard the QE2.

Art has always been a therapy and salvation for me, and I hope by sharing it I can help others to enjoy it as much as I do.

Hugh Templeton Training CPD provider no; 22097
Templeton’s travelling Theatre 1890
“Now in 2020 Hugh is a Showman and a jolly talented artist too”
The Times Educational Supplement.
Staff with their paintings after having a lesson with Hugh who visited in 2018. Manchester University Hospital Foundation Trust.
‘Arizona Dreaming’ Watercolour sold at exhibition in the USA.
Can you solve the riddle of the lady, the five dollar bill & the sunset landscape?